Authenticity - Connection - Transformation


Circling™ Nights


Join the founder of Circling, Guy Sengstock, and his team of facilitators for an evening of circling, community and authentic relating

Thursdays at 7pm in Richmond, CA

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Deep Dive Circling™ Intensives


This consciousness-shifting workshop is for you if you want more aliveness and connection in every relationship in your life and to create a bigger impact in the world — simply by being more authentically yourself.

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Art of Circling™ Practitioner Training


This training is for you if . . .

…You want to learn the Art of Circling and the tools of seeing and inviting out the beauty and connection available in every moment and every relationship.

…You’re a coach, therapist, transformational leader — or are on your way to BECOMING one — and want to make a MUCH bigger difference for your clients.

…You long to tap into a deeper source in yourself, feel more comfortable in your own skin and create a life that inspires you.
…You’re ready for a year of profound personal growth with a community of powerful and inspiring people from all over the world.

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