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Circling Nights

Circling Nights – Thursdays at 7pm in Richmond, CA

Join the founder of Circling, Guy Sengstock, for an evening of circling, community and authentic relating.

Circling nights with Guy are an ongoing weekly event open to the public. After being offered for many years, it has become a tightly-knit and deeply welcoming community.

This evening is for everyone: it offers a taste of the magic of circling for people who are new to the practice, and it offers an opportunity for old-time circlers to take a dive into the relational pool every week. It is often profound, surprising and fun!

What you can expect:

  • Be welcomed into a warm, open community
  • Learn the fundamentals of the circling process
  • Experience eye opening exercises that reveal deeper truths about yourself and others
  • Have the opportunity to both be circled and to practice leading circles
  • Hear Guy share his deep thoughts and wacky experiences
  • Witness Guy lead a circle one time per month

Pay $20 at the door or PayPal.Me/Circling/20

Venue address: 2931 Barrett Ave., Richmond, CA 94804-1711

We’d love for you to join us at an upcoming Circling Night session:



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