Paradigm-Shifting Ideas

Honoring a Friend

Jerry Candelaria, the Co-Founder of Circling, died July 22nd 2017. Jerry and I co-discovered what became called “Circling” over 20 years ago, and his contribution to the practice is immeasurable. Jerry was at the very heart and source of facilitating Circling, which is now all over the world, has evolved with many others contributing to […]

Circling. It’s a thing people do.

By Brooking Gatewood, Art of Circling student People actually pay good money to sit around in circles and listen to someone else talk about themselves. It’s got training programs behind it, institutes, practice groups, devotees. It changes and enriches lives, this ‘circling’. So what is it? Most simply, it’s practicing being curious about other people’s […]

Circling – A Sublime Gift for Therapists, Coaches & Healing Professionals

As a somatic psychotherapist I highly value approaches that show a clear path towards decreasing suffering and increasing joy through effective techniques and intelligent theory. Over the years I have studied a number of different methods. I especially appreciate practices that cultivate basic being, and those that do so simultaneously in relationship with others are […]

Amazing Connection

When a close friend and I spent the day together last Sunday, we ended up meeting a truly remarkable family and having an amazing connection with them. Fortunately for me, my life is filled with spontaneous, great connections all the time, however, something about this one has been having me think about what I mean […]

Being Deeply Seen

When folks talk about what they get out of circling, almost everyone speaks of being deeply seen. “We’ve all had rare occasions of feeling deeply “seen” by another. Those moments where my reality gets fully gotten, understood, and shared. The person says just the right thing in the right tone and in the perfect way […]

Welcome to the Circling Institute Website!

Welcome to our new site! We’re thrilled to be offering the best of circling in weekend workshops, individual coaching and advanced trainings and have this forum to share our work with you. This is the place to find Guy and Alexis for coaching, check out the programs we’re currently offering, and read the paradigm-shifting articles […]

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