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Art of Circling – The Advanced Training

This is an advanced program for those who have already taken the Circling Practitioner Training to take your practice and leadership to the next level

In The Art of Circling Advanced Training, you will…

  • Deepen your personal growth and transformation through Circling (and other practices) during the retreats
    • You will be coached and/or Circled by staff and your peers, who will be supporting you in fully embodying BE-ing in the more intermediate and advanced skills of how you facilitate a circle
    • Take a deeper dive into aspects of yourself that few people have the courage to face
  • Deepen your capacity for authentic leadership with a specially designed curriculum
  • Develop your meditation & mindfulness practices throughout the course, through a variety of Eastern and Western perspectives
  • Expand your capacity to work with groups:
    • Working with defensiveness, transference, and resistance
    • Skillfully track and speak the group “we-field” as it evolves
  • Deepen your understanding of relevant distinctions and theoretical models in transformation
    • For example:
      • Attachment Theory & Practice
      • Parts Work/Voice Dialogue
      • Group Dynamics and Stages of Development
    • Gain deeper awareness of the structures of experience and the ability to respond to self and others to encourage evolution, growth, and transformation

What’s Included in The Art of Circling Advanced Training:

  • 4 x 3-day Live Weekend Modules of Advanced Training – held every 2 months, where we dive into working on your deepest blocks, edges or stuck patterns that prevent you from showing up in your fullest embodiment in life and as a facilitator.
  • Bi-Monthly Satsang with Guy Sengstock where we practice meditation and relational practices with pertains to the material.
  • Peer Group Circling – Practice with fellow advanced students to deepen your skills and receive ongoing support.
  • Private Facebook group – Where you can stay in intimate contact with your peers and instructors as you are learning and sharing.
  • Homework assignments, reading materials, and popular media references – To deepen your knowledge and skills.

Dates & Logistics

Live Weekend Modules will be held in Berkeley, CA on Friday to Sunday (from 10 am – 7 pm )

Weekend 1 – Establish Homebase (Secure Attachment & Somatic Inclusion in Circles)
Date: June 15-17, 2018

  • Holding and embodying the container of the circle
  • Key steps for noticing and solidifying the safety, belonging and inclusion of the group
  • Tools for creating secure attachment in circles (and tips for avoiding the pitfalls)
  • Self as an instrument to stay grounded amidst triggers and chaos

Weekend 2 – Enter the Danger Zone (Voice Dialog & Parts/Shadow Work)
Date: September 7-9, 2018

  • Witnessing, revealing and embracing the hidden, neglected & most unwelcomed parts of ourselves
  • Working with contradictory personas through ‘Voice Dialog’ circles
  • Zen and the art of addressing projections & transference in your Circles

Weekend 3 – Weave the Collective (Leader as Musical Conductor)
Date: October 19-21, 2018

  • The ‘Symphonic Approach’ to facilitating circles & working with group dynamics
  • Welcoming the roles, tensions, conflicts, and archetypes within a group in the “storming” phase
  • Accessing the 4th dimension of circling facilitation
  • Listening to the field itself, and integrating its awareness into the Circle
  • Moving from Circling “By Me” to Circling “Through Us” as a group

Weekend 4 – See God in Small Things (Transpersonal Approaches to Circling)
Date: December 7-9, 2018

  • Adapting deeper Transpersonal practices into Circling
  • Putting it all together and embracing your unique style of circling
  • Integration, Certification & Closing

Total Tuition

  • $5,450 ($4,950 for early bird signups by Apr 15, 2018)
  • 6 Month and 12 Month Payment Plans available.

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Art of Circling Level 1 Practitioner Training or equivalent training (non-AOC graduates will require an interview and possibly need to take specific Modules from the Practitioner Training to bolster your current competency levels and capacities).


Berkeley, CA

Apply now to join us for an amazing journey! To ask more questions and explore if the course is a fit for you, contact us to set up a conversation: info[at]circlinginstitute[dot]com

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