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Guy Sengstock (Founder & Co-Owner) is the founder and creator of the modality of Circling. He has been facilitating transformation for individuals, groups and corporations internationally for more than 20 years. He has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is the co-founder of The Arête Center for Excellence and the Bay Area Men’s Circle, which is still thriving today.  He is an artist, philosopher, poet, body-worker, and visionary.

Many refer to Guy as a genius in both his depth of thinking and in his way of working with clients. His humor, depth and quality of attention allows people to see and hear those things which have always been present yet have never occurred for them.

He wakes up every day with an insatiable craving to discover the source of life’s novelty and can’t help himself but to attempt to awaken this thirst in everyone he encounters. You can read more about Guy at

Jon Cotton - CirclingJon Cotton (Co-Owner) has been practicing circling for over 6 years. He is a personal growth seminar creator & facilitator, psychic reader & healer, nutritionist, natural health expert and UC Berkeley MBA. He has taught workshops for 25 years in meditation, healing, intuition, practical spirituality, NLP, Firewalking – for personal power, overcoming fear & creating what seems impossible, Breathwork, Speaking Circles, intimacy, authentic relating and the Art of Circling and leads trips to swim with dolphins

Jon creates an uncommon atmosphere of safety, trust & intimacy. Through a loving and compassionate presence he shares how to fulfill our deepest human needs, to create unconditional love and community in our lives. You can also find more about Jon’s health practice at

Korenna Reynard, PhD (Co-Owner) is life-long student of relationships. She has a Doctorate in Psychology with a primary focus on Attachment and Relationships, and post-doctoral training in both Somatic Sexuality and Parenting. She is also a trained facilitator of Nonviolent Communication.

Korenna discovered Circling to be an inspiring addition to the theories and techniques she had been trained in academically and has been passionate about integrating its key tenets for nearly a decade – both in her sessions with clients, and through online educational programs she helps to create for some of the world’s top personal growth experts (including Sue Jonson, Tony Robbins-Madanes Institute, Harville Hendrix Imago, etc).

She is also one of the founding members of Authentic LA, a thriving community with more than 1000 members that facilitates Circling, Authentic Relating Games, Workshops & Community Events for individuals seeking deeper connection. She led events for that community for 5 years before relocating to Ohio, where she continues to carry the torch of authentic communication & relating for Midwesterners interested in enhancing their lives. You can find out more about Korenna and her work at

Praveen Mantena (Co-Owner) has been a serial entrepreneur since his teens. He hails from a Tech industry  background going back to the early days of the internet, including co-founding a business that hosted over a quarter of all the websites in Singapore. More recently, he is a coach for business leaders and teams on the crucial “soft skills” of personal development, emotional intelligence, authentic communication, higher purpose, and the art of conflict resolution.

His passion for for human adult development is realized through circling as a doorway to psychological safety, vulnerability, self-actualization, and capacity building to facilitate the deepest possible transformation in any moment. You can find out more about Praveen’s work in using circling with organizations and leadership development at

Cathy Courtenay (Co-Owner) has been on a path of personal and spiritual growth for most of her life. She can remember feeling a sense of urgency at a very young age to find truth and to have a  sense of purpose in the world. In her early 20’s she studied Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and became intrigued with the potential of re-patterning and perceptual shifts on a cellular level which she applied to her bodywork practice for over a decade. After moving to Asheville, North Carolina she entered the world of marketing and has spent the last six years working with small business owners as well as large corporations.

She was was introduced to the Art of Circling about four years  ago and has studied closely with the work’s founder, Guy Sengstock over the past couple of years in leading this practice. Through her range of experience with dance, somatic bodywork, marketing, parenting and leading Circling in Asheville, she’s developed her capacity to be present with a wide range of emotions and human experiences. She brings her heart and her deep listening skills to every single relationship and feels a deep sense of commitment to this work and sharing it with the world.

Virginia Wilcox (Director of Client Care)

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