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Art of Circling – Level 2: Facilitator Training

Flexible Format – Begin Anytime

This is an advanced training & mentorship program for graduates of Level 1 Circling training who want to take their facilitation skills to the next level.

In The Art of Circling Facilitator Training, you will…


  • Deepen your personal growth and transformation through Circling and being Circled (and other supporting practices) during the retreats
    • You will be coached and/or Circled by staff and your peers, who will be supporting you in fully embodying BE-ing in every aspect of your life
  • Deepen your capacity for authentic leadership
  • Introduction to parts/shadow work that will:
    • Open you to welcoming and loving the most disowned parts of yourself
    • Support you in addressing any shame and self-judgment
    • Give you skills to work with your super-ego/inner critic
  • Systematically upgrade the way you show up in your relationships:
    • Cleansing your relational pipeline
    • Initiate courageous conversations with others
    • Be submerged in a practice and context that calls you to  continually open your heart, confront your blind spots, and soften habits like criticism, judgment, and projection
    • Own your unique wisdom, style and voice in group or individual work

Professionally (Learning and skills development):

  • Learn to lead Authentic Relating Games/Practices, Circling Intro Events & Circling Weekend Intensives:
    • Practice facilitating people who are new to Circling
    • Develop the ability to speak to different developmental stages of listening
    • Learn to lead gracefully with another Circler
  • Deepen your capacity to work with groups:
    • Work with any defensiveness and/or resistance that shows up
    • Skillfully track and speak the collective ‘group field’ as it evolves
    • Artfully manage transference or counter-transference
  • Deepen your skills at each stage of Circling:
    • Become a Master Circler & embody the practice at a more profound level by learning to coach & mentor students in the Art of Circling Practitioner Training
    • Learn to weave Circling into your coaching or other professional practices
  • Develop your workshop leading and coaching skills, including:
    • Learning the art of enrollment, and how this is essential at every stage of working with people
    • Learning how to set the context and present distinctions in front of the room in a way that is relational, engaging, and moves forwards the experience of the group.

What’s Included in The Art of Circling Facilitator Training:

  • Three (3)  Fridays of Immersion Training – Prior to select AOC Practitioner Training Modules in Berkeley, CA
  • Six (6)  Weekend Modules of Level 1 Practitioner Training – with opportunities to staff, coach, mentor & learn the principles & skills at a deeper level. You will continue to receive coaching on your Circling plus coaching/instruction on your facilitation skills.
  • Five (5)  Weekend Modules of Level 2 Facilitator Training – held once every quarter where we dive deep into working on your deepest blocks, edges or stuck patterns that prevent you from showing up in your fullest embodiment in life and as a facilitator.
  • Practice one-to-one mentoring of Level 1 students
  • Practice supervising and coaching in the Level 1 Peer Group Circling
  • Learn to create, design, market & lead Circling & Authentic Relating events – from idea to implementation, including effective 3-hour Circling intro nights, Games nights, Weekend Intensives or whatever else you wish to co-invent.
  • Peer Group Circling – Practice with fellow advanced students to deepen your skills and receive ongoing support.
  • Four (4) individual meetings with instructors – to discuss your progress & individualize your training.
  • Private Facebook group – Where you can stay in intimate contact with your peers and instructors as you are learning and sharing.
  • Opportunity to create a strategic alliance with The Circling Institute – with cross-promotion and mutual support. This is a potential pathway to working with us in the future as a Co-Facilitator and/or Trainer.
  • Fulfill the prerequisites to take our forthcoming Level 3 Course ( Course Leader Training) – to teach our Level 1 & 2 courses and develop your own unique courses and offerings.

Dates & Logistics

Live Weekend Modules will all be held in Berkeley, CA on the Friday before the subsequent Intro Weekends and in 2-day weekends (Saturday & Sunday) from 10 am – 7 pm.

The dates currently scheduled are:

Level 2 Facilitator Training Weekends (You will need to attend 4 of these and can take up to 5):

  • July 28-29, 2018
  • September 8-9, 2018
  • November 17-18, 2018
  • February 16-17, 2019
  • March 30-31, 2019

Intro Weekend Training (You will attend 3 of these which includes a Facilitator-only Training on Friday and assisting the subsequent Level 1 Weekend Intro on Saturday & Sunday)

  • October 12th, 2018
  • January 4th, 2019
  • May 17th, 2019

[More dates will be posted as they become available in 2019]

Certification Requirements (within a 2 year period):

  • Attend & demonstrate proficiency in all facets of the course
  • Attend Three (3) Friday Intro Trainings and assist in that subsequent Intro Weekend Trainings
  • Assist with any Three (3) of the remaining Five (5) Modules of Level 1 Practitioner Trainings 
  • Attend Four (4) of the Weekends for Facilitator Training
  • Create or co-create fifteen (15) of your own Circling Intro events or Weekend Intensives or assist with existing events run by Circling Institute to learn how to organize them yourself.
  • Eight (8) one-to-one Mentoring sessions with Level 1 students – 2 of which are supervised or recorded. Includes tracking, taking notes, offering support.
  • Eight (8) sessions supervising and coaching participants in the Level 1 Peer Group Circling
  • Record two (2) circling sessions of your choosing and review them with course leaders
  • Four (4) individual meetings with instructors – to discuss your progress & individualize your training.
  • Outreach (this is your “thesis in action”) – demonstrate initiative & creativity by producing at least 2 of your own completely unique offerings through social media, blogs, videos, webinars, seminars, organizations, festivals, podcasts, expos, schools, prisons or any where else you are drawn to make a difference where circling is not generally practiced or known.
  • Vision – generate, write and start to implement an inspiring vision for yourself and how you will use and/or share circling and your services with the world
    • Additional Zoom video-conference debriefs after select AOC weekend modules
    • Peer group Circling Pods

Total Tuition

  • $4,995
  • 6 Month and 12 Month Payment Plans available.
  • Some partial trades may be negotiated – be creative in your value exchange offering!

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Art of Circling Level 1 Practitioner Training Certification Or Equivalent Training (this may require a Certification Testing and possibly taking specific Modules from the Level 1 Training to bolster your existing skills based on your current competency levels).


Berkeley, CA

Apply now to join us for one of the most amazing years of your life! To ask more questions and explore if the course is a fit for you, contact us to set up a conversation: info[at]circlinginstitute[dot]com

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