Authenticity - Connection - Transformation

Art of Circling – Level 1: Practitioner Training
New Flexible Format – Begin Anytime

11 weekend modules taken within 1-2 years
(as a full course or a la carte)

This training is for you if . . .

…You long to tap into a deeper source in yourself, feel more comfortable in your own skin and create a life that inspires you.
…You’re a coach, therapist, transformational leader — or are on your way to BECOMING one — and want to make a MUCH bigger difference for your clients.
…You’re ready for the next big leap into profound personal growth and your development as an adult with a community of powerful and inspiring people from all over the world.

The Art of Circling Training Program has 4 Primary Purposes:

1. To unleash your unique potential and be a cauldron for your personal growth and transformation.

2. To teach you the art and skills of authentic relating so you can have more rewarding and intimate relationships with everyone in your life.

3. To provide powerful training in the art of circling and give you the skills to masterfully facilitate transformation for other people.

4. To offer Practitioner Certification in Circling for graduates who qualify.

In The Art of Circling Practitioner Training, you will…


  • Experience the radical personal growth that is available through circling. Read more about circling here.
  • Gain deeper access to authentic self-expression – learn to powerfully and vulnerably express your experience of being with others as it arises.
  • Create more rewarding and intimate relationships and interactions with everyone in your life.


  • Become skilled in the art of circling – This program will train you to become incredibly proficient at guiding people to very deep places.
  • Learn the 7 stages and skill-sets needed to facilitate transformation, including the art of getting someone’s world… in a way that has them feel seen, known and understood, possibly more deeply than they’ve ever been before.
  • Deepen your existing coaching/therapy practice – In addition to your circling training, we also teach you specifically how to translate your circling skills into working with clients, friends, family or work associates who are seeking a change in their lives.


What’s Included in The Art of Circling Training:

  • Eleven (11) Weekends of Immersion Training – 2-day weekends, offered in multiple locations monthly. Take them at your convenience based on your travel/availability.
  • Weekly Peer Group Circling – Practice with fellow students to deepen your skills and receive ongoing support.
  • Supervised Virtual Circling Practice – Practice with your fellow students as the instructors coach you and give detailed feedback once a month.
  • Private Facebook group – Where you can stay in intimate contact with your peers and instructors as you are learning and sharing.
  • Homework assignments, reading materials and popular media references – To deepen your knowledge and skill.


To get Certified as a Art of Circling Practitioner, complete all 11 Weekend Modules within a 2 year period and pass the Certification in the final Module. If you don’t complete all Modules within 2 years, you may be asked to retake Modules that are out of date.

Modules 1 – 3 may be taken in any order, though we recommend the order they are listed in.
These 3 Modules are prerequisites for ALL subsequent Modules.
Once you have completed these 3 Modules, you may take the remaining Weekend Modules in any order you choose, even if you are not signed up for the full course. 

Of course, we recommend you take the full course and do the modules in the order listed for the most effective training, but depending on your needs and specific interests, you have a fair bit of flexibility and options!

Dates & Logistics

Live Weekend Modules of 2 days each will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area & Asheville, NC from 9am (Sat) to 9pm (Sun).

The dates for the first 3 Weekend Modules are..

Module 1 – Circling Intensive (Getting into Relationship)
(Click here for details)

  • Sep 30-Oct 1 2017 in Washington, D.C.
  • Oct 7-8 in Asheville, NC
  • Oct 21-22 in Berkeley, CA

Module 2  – Sovereign (Your Presence)

  • Nov 18-19 in Asheville, NC
  • Dec 16-17 in Berkeley, CA

Module 3 – The Explorer, Part I (Getting Someone’s World)

  • Jan 13-14 in Asheville, NC
  • Jan 27-28 in Berkeley, CA

Dates for subsequent Weekend Modules to be announced soon..

Module 4 – The Explorer, Part II (Art of Getting Deeper Context)

Module 5 – Warrior (Seeing What Hasn’t Been Seen)

Module 6 – Deep Sea Diver, Part I (Feeling What Hasn’t Been Felt)

Module 7 – Deep Sea Diver, Part II (Coaching from the Bottom Up)
[Module 6 is a pre-requisite]

Module 8 – Midwife (The Birth of Something New)

Module 9 – The Integrator – Part I (Bringing it Back into Personal Life)

Module 10 – The Integrator – Part II (Integrating Circling with Coaching, Therapy and other Modalities) & The Art of Completion (What comes next)
[Module 9 is a pre-requisite]

Module 11 – Review & Certification
[Modules 1-10 are pre-requisites]

Total Tuition

  • $6,500 (if paid in full within 2 weeks after the 1st weekend)
  • $7,000 (if paid in full within 2 weeks after 2nd weekend)
  • $7,500 (if paid in full within 2 weeks after 3rd weekend)
  • $8,000 (if paid in full within 2 weeks after 4th weekend)
  • 6 Month and 12 Month Payment Plans available
  • Couples signing up together and paying on one credit card get another $500 off for each of their tuitions.
  • Past graduates/returning students of our prior AOC courses pay half-price at a flat rate of $3,250 (contact us for the payment link).

Register Now


Benefits of Joining the full Course NOW vs taking it a la carte:

– Save up to $2500 on tuition
– Commitment to yourself in getting really good at this
– Being part of a dedicated cohort & community of other trainees from start to finish
– Monthly Supervised Virtual Circles where you are coached in developing your skills and talents
– Weekly Peer Group Circling in Pods
– Access to the Private Facebook Group for the course

Payment Options:

We recognize that you may be joining the Course after already paying for one or more weekends. So as one incentive, we will reduce the price, based on how many weekends you’ve taken to account for what you’ve already paid for.

If you register
after taking
these weekends
12 Month
Payment Plan
6 Month
Payment Plan
In Advance $6500 $600 $1150
1 $6000 $555 $1060
2 $5700 $525 $1110
3 $5400 $500 $955
4 $5100 $470 $900
5 $4300 $400 $760

You will have two weeks after each weekend module to lock in the above prices.

If you chose to not join the course a week after the 5th weekend module and you still want to get Certified, you will have chosen the a la carte option and can continue taking the remaining weekends individually until complete.


If you have more questions and want to explore if the course is a fit for you, contact us to set up a conversation. You can Email us at info[at]circlinginstitute[dot]com or call Praveen at 720-473-2955 to discuss the program and what it can do for you.


How is Circling different than coaching or therapy?

Circling, coaching & therapy are three different modalities with different intentions and goals. You can read more about the difference between coaching, therapy & circling here. However, circling skills can profoundly enrich coaching, therapy and leadership facilitation. In this training, we distinguish how circling can be offered inside of a coaching framework so that it can be used in a professional context in service to a client’s goals and desires. You’ll learn the basic coaching skills necessary to create a powerful relationship with clients at the outset and help them integrate and implement changes in their lives after circling. However, the primary focus of the course will be learning the circling skills that can elicit profound transformation and the emergence of more authentic levels of being, both in yourself and others.

How much of a time investment is this? Will I have time with my busy schedule?

We designed the program to provide the immersion and engagement needed for rapid learning and personal growth, while at the same time spacing it out so that it can easily integrate into the lives of busy people. The program runs every month and we’ll meet in person for 2-day long weekend trainings. We will also meet online  one evening a month. You can finish the course in as little as one year but may take up to 2 years if desired to fit your schedule. Most people find that this schedule makes it easy to participate in the training while balancing the needs of personal/family life and work. 

What if I have to miss a live training weekend?

No problem. We have structured the training so there will be other dates and venues to retake the missed Weekend Module. You can continue the course with the subsequent weekend modules and catch up on the missing weekend(s) within the 2 year period.

What skill level is required?

This is an in-depth training for people who not only want to accelerate their personal growth, but also want to become more skillful at facilitating transformation for others. Because of this, a number of the people in the program are coaches, therapists or experienced circlers. However, there are no formal prerequisites for this training and we welcome people with a variety of experiences. We also offer additional assistance and coaching to individuals as needed to allow each person to thrive and get the most out of their training.

That said, because this is an extensive training, it is not for everyone, and we will interview each person prior to the course to make sure its a good fit. You may schedule your interview before or after registering for the course.

What does “Art of Circling Certification” mean & how does it work?

We will be offering Practitioner Level Certification and official endorsement from The Circling Institute to qualified graduates of the Art of Circling Training. This means that if you meet the criteria we will certify you as a Practitioner in circling for individuals and groups at a basic level of proficiency and you will be listed in our online registry of Certified Circling Practitioners. 

Some participants in this program won’t have the desire to attain Certification, if so you will still be recognized as a Graduate of the Art of Circling. For those of you who want Certification, we will be evaluating you on a series of skiIl-sets that we will make clear during the course. Because everyone is beginning the course with different skill-sets and levels of experience, gaining Certification is not guaranteed and it is expected that some people will not pass the first time. However, if you don’t pass the Certification evaluation on the first attempt, you will have other opportunities to do so after the completion of the training, which we can discuss. Basically, if you want to get your Art of Circling Certification…  we want to help you get there!

This program is a journey of the soul.
Talk to us, and you’ll know if it’s right for you.

Email us at info[at]circlinginstitute[dot]com or call Praveen at 720-473-2955 to discuss the program and what it can do for you. If you’re ready to give your greatest gifts and make a profound difference in the lives of your clients, co-workers and loved ones, then please join us for a training that will change the course of your life.

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