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Guy Sengstock is the founder and creator of the modality of Circling. He has been facilitating transformation for individuals, groups and corporations internationally for more than 20 years. He has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is the co-founder of The Arête Center for Excellence and the Bay Area Men’s Circle, which is still thriving today.  He is an artist, philosopher, poet, body-worker, and visionary.

Many refer to Guy as a genius in both his depth of thinking and in his way of working with clients. His humor, depth and quality of attention allows people to see and hear those things which have always been present yet have never occurred for them.

He wakes up every day with an insatiable craving to discover the source of life’s novelty and can’t help himself but to attempt to awaken this thirst in everyone he encounters. You can read more about Guy at

Jon Cotton has been practicing circling for over 6 years. He is a personal growth seminar creator & facilitator, psychic reader & healer, nutritionist, natural health expert and UC Berkeley MBA. He has taught workshops for 25 years in meditation, healing, intuition, practical spirituality, NLP, Firewalking – for personal power, overcoming fear & creating what seems impossible, Breathwork, Speaking Circles, intimacy, authentic relating and the Art of Circling and leads trips to swim with dolphins

Jon creates an uncommon atmosphere of safety, trust & intimacy. Through a loving and compassionate presence he shares how to fulfill our deepest human needs, to create unconditional love and community in our lives. You can also find more about Jon’s health practice at

Praveen Mantena (Bio coming soon)


Guest Trainers

alexisAlexis Shepperd, Ph.D., an internationally known life & relationship coach, is one of the senior teachers and original thought leaders of the practice of circling. She has a doctorate in clinical transpersonal psychology and has been facilitating transformation and authentic relating for individuals, couples and groups for over 15 years. Her style of coaching and circling is inspired by integral & transpersonal psychology, masculine and feminine dynamics, communication, leadership, yoga, and meditation.

She has been a senior facilitator for the Integral Center, Authentic World, the Authentic Man Program (AMP) and the Arête Center for Excellence. She is also the co-founder of the Authentic Woman Experience, LLC (AWE), a series of life-changing workshops and programs that support women in full self-expression, personal empowerment, and romantic relationships. You can read more about AWE here:

Ultimately, she is inspired to live what she teaches, to call out the natural leader and unique being inside of every person, to train coaches and therapists to facilitate with heart and power, and to support people in practicing relationship as a spiritual path. You can read more about Alexis at


Michelle Mersy (Director of Client Care)

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